Holoholo to California and Oceanfront “Bargains” in West Hawaii

Arriving back in Hawaii

Arriving back in Hawaii

We recently returned from a holoholo (pleasure/fun trip) to San Diego where we met up with some of our best friends to explore, eat, drink and just have a good time. This is a trip we try to do at least once a year and while the destinations may change, the same friends and and good times are always present.

And while you can take the Kona real estate agent off the island, you can’t completely take the real estate agent out of Blake. So as with trips pretty much anywhere, I can’t help but checking out the local market and seeing what is available. San Diego, California was particularly interesting to me as the real estate market there so closely resembles ours here in Kona. Oh and I also kind of want to buy a condo in Hillcrest :).

One thing that stood out to me was how expensive oceanfront properties are from San Diego to La Jolla. They seriously make oceanfront properties in West Hawaii look like bargains. While I don’t have a comprehensive list in front of me, most oceanfront homes I encountered had eight digit list prices starting with numbers from about 14 to over well into the 20’s! I did see one oceanfront lot at the top of a cliff for the bargain price of just $5,998,000 though.

I know from experience that we can do way better than that on the Kona-Kohala Coast. I have been involved in deals for oceanfront residences here for under $2M. In fact, of the 16 oceanfront residential properties currently available on the west side of Hawaii Island, there are 2 priced below $2M and 13 priced under $5M. Only one of the 16 has an 8 digit price tag but this almost $12M does buy you over 11,000 square feet of house on more than 25 acres of Big Island.

I realize not everyone has a budget in the millions and not everyone wants an oceanfront home but for those in the market who have the option to buy in either place I would really suggest exploring oceanfront options in Hawaii over Southern California. You might be surprised what you can buy here and everyone knows that life here in Hawaii is way mo bettah anyway. Aloha!

[Click to see available oceanfront listings in West Hawaii]

[Click here to view some of our holoholo photos on Facebook]

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