A Passion for Local Art

"Hammock at Mauna Lani" by Terry Cisco

Hammock at Mauna Lani by Terry Cisco

Over the weekend I attended an artist showing I had been invited to about a month ago. Normally I would probably avoid something like this as I tend to get in trouble when in the presence of good local artwork. In fact, I’m rarely allowed to actually go into art galleries because it so often turns into a pricey experience.

Anyway on Saturday I did attend a showing by Kona artist Terry Cisco… and it did cost me. I thought I’d be safe as I am not generally a huge fan of watercolors but his landscapes of locations around the Big Island drew me in and I ended up with a piece representing of one of my favorite locations, “Hammock at Mauna Lani“. Fortunately it was just a limited print and only set me back about $130.

A few months ago I was at Queen’s Marketplace at Waikoloa Beach Resort and stopped by Genesis Gallery. There I discovered Big Island artist Steven Neill and a large piece of his work that really wanted to come home with me. This one set me back a little bit (a lot) more but it was kind of a special occasion so it was easier to justify the cost… And I do love seeing it on my living room wall.

I am also a huge fan of North Shore Oahu artist Heather Brown. Featured in Kailua Kona at Wyland Kona Oceanfront Gallery, Heather is a “green artist” using sustainable environmentally friendly materials. Since this gallery is only a few blocks from my office more than one of Heather’s pieces has managed to follow me home.

We are hugely blessed to live on the Hawaiian Islands amidst so much beauty. As a result, so many artist are drawn here and inspired by the islands. Artwork and galleries are all around us offering fabulous works of art to fill our islands homes.

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