Ever wonder if island life is right for you?

life is good w:feetHave you ever taken one of those online quizzes that purports to be able to determine the best place for you to live? I have done several of them on Facebook over the past several months and the results have been quite consistent for me…San Francisco. Having always been an urbanite this is not a huge surprise, in fact we’d probably be very good fits for San Francisco. So part of me got to thinking, maybe we should just give in and make our home in the city by the bay. Because I am pretty sure everyone makes these kinds of decisions based on Facebook quizzes right? ;)

Still, I am somewhat nomadic in nature and the thought was somewhat intriguing… Then I hopped in the car and hit the road and was instantly awed by the rich azure blue of the Pacific ocean that surrounds us. You know, pretty much every day here in Kona is a beautiful day but there are some that are so awesomely pretty that they almost are downright surreal. These days never fail to remind you why you fell in love with the islands and why you choose to live here. Thought bubbles of returning to city-life began to pop!

Later at home I found myself in need of a lime, which I quickly plucked from a tree in my backyard. I needed the lime to go into guacamole that I was making from fresh island avocados… avocados I got at my office from a colleague that brought them in from their yard. While retrieving the lime from my yard I also grabbed a beautiful papaya I could have for breakfast and discovered a new pineapple was now growing atop one of my pineapple plants. C’mon, who would chose a city over this?

There are just so many things that make life in the Hawaiian Islands special. We have beautiful year-round weather, amazing and always close-by beaches, warm oceans for swimming and water sports, the best fresh tropical produce anywhere… and Poke! We are surrounded by tropical beauty and spectacular sights. The lifestyle here is just a little more laid back and casual than other places. It all combines to make Hawaii life something that is very easy to get used to.

I kind of suspect that I will always be a city boy at heart but the years we have spent here on Hawaii Island have been some of the best of our lives. For now I’m happy experiencing city life in smaller doses when we travel. Aloha!

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