Site Policy

Blog Policy:

This blog is written and edited by Blake Howell, R(S). For questions about this blog please contact me via email by using the contact form provided.

  1. Opinions stated here are mine and mine alone.
  2. I am not to review or post about anything here so don’t even try to bribe me :). But if you represent a cool home product or local business hit me up as I love to share information about these things!

Comment Policy:

  1. I believe Web 2.0 to be a conversation and as such I encourage comments. I love to hear from you guys!
  2. I think that people should be civil when engaging in conversation and as such I ask that you respect that.
  3. I encourage differing points of view… as long as you realize you are wrong and I am right :). Seriously though I welcome civil differences of opinion.
  4. As much as SPAM is appreciated and embedded in Hawaiian culture, it is also an annoyance in the Web 2.0 world. When Spam is found in comments it will be deleted.
  5. In addition to commercial Spam, I also recognize blatant self-promotion and advertising when I see it. It’ll likely also be deleted.
  6. Personal attacks and rude comments will be removed. Let’s all be nice!
  7. This is not a children’s website and I am no prude when it comes to profanity. I have dropped an f-bomb once or twice myself. Still let’s Be prudent when including profanity in comments.

Personal Information:

  1. I will not sell or release your email address (though I could be convinced to do so by a court of law… And what the heck have you been doing to make the law come knocking??)
  2. I will not send unsolicited marketing materials to you. Nope won’t do it!

Content and Usage Policy:

  1. All content is protected by U.S. copyright.
  2. I do not infringe on the copyrights or others nor do I steal content from others. Please don’t steal from me either.¬†I am very generous with content so simply ask and I’ll probably be down with you using things from my site. I do give you permission now to use images from this site as long as they are not modified and the watermark is not removed.
  3. “Fair Use” allows for small portions of text to be used as quoted as long as there is a prominent link back to the original post.
  4. Scraping this site or republishing without permission is a no no. Do however feel free to share complete posts on Facebook, Twitter and similar information sharing sites.

This Blog Policy was inspired by a sample blog policy written by the Social Media Marketing Institute (

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